Aivodot is an investment tool made for everyone. Thanks to Aivodot, anyone can become a better investor and make decisions based on their values and beliefs.

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Investing can become very dounting for many. All we hear is you should invest your money because holding them on your bank accounts won't do anything for you. But the problem is, most of us don't even know where to start. We are flooded with information and we're unsure how to process it. Aivodot comes as a much needed aid in this space. With Aivodot, you invest based on your beliefs. Wether you believe in renewables, European Union, or cyber security, Aivodot suggest the right companies based on your beliefs.

At GoBigname, we created a narrative: See beyond the insight. Such narrative is something even seasoned investor needs. How to interpret the vast amount of data? Aivodot helps here and helps you "see beyond the insight". A character of sorts became the face of Aivodot and acts your personal asistant. It guides you through the entire process from setting up an account to investing in a company and gives you actionable insights based on the current zeitgeist in the space.

From the visual stand point, Aivodot is activated everywhere from the communication all the way to the tool itself. The "Aivolipse", as we internally call it, acts as a holder for information and informs about other shapes in the communciation. That means the same Aivodot shape is present in the logo, charts, UI details, to name a few.


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Toman — Studio


Róbert Toman — Multidisciplinary designer specialising in Brand Identity, Bespoke Typography, Web Design, and Art Direction. Based in Bratislava, Slovakia.

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